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3 Reasons you need a Vehicle Wrap

“Whoa, what was that?” is the first thought that flashes across your mind. Something was definitely different. On the road, our minds seem to tune out the sea of vehicles passing by. Suddenly, a bold display of vivid graphics wake up your visual senses. “What was that? I’ve got to quench my curiousity!”. Most vehicles are painted one solid color. When you spot one with bold graphics, bright, eye-catching colors, words streaking across the side begging for your attention, you can’t help but look. Having your branding wrapped on your vehicle causes many eyes to wonder what it is that you do. Bottom line, your branding gets noticed.

Vehicle wraps are a great, eye-catching form of outdoor advertisement.

Vehicle wraps are a great, eye-catching form of outdoor advertisement.

 If simply getting your company name into the eyes of numerous potential customers wasn’t appealing enough, here are three more reasons why you should invest in a vehicle wrap.

When you think about advertisements reaching motor vehiclists you may envision a billboard, a sign at a busy intersection, or perhaps a business sign atop a very tall pole. These signs are everywhere, a dime a dozen. These ads are also stationary. Once the motorist drives past the sign it is out of sight and out of their minds. These signs are very costly as well and what if the person who could be your best customer drives just one street over from the sign’s location every day? They may never know you exist. A vehicle wrap is eye-catching and, unlike many business signs, are at eye level for motorists. A vehicle wrap goes everywhere you go making your audience reach virtually limitless! When you pull up at a stop light, your brand will stand out. You won’t have other competitors from your industry parked right next to you as you would in newspaper, magazine and direct mail ads.

Advertising and marketing experts agree that the vehicle wrap cost per impression (CPI) per day is much more efficient than that of any other outdoor advertising media, (OAAA – Outdoor Advertising Association of America). Let’s take a quick look at a proposed cost breakdown: if an average wrap cost is about $3,000 and lasts an average of 4 years; wraps can generate approximately an average of 50,000 impressions or views each day; therefore, the estimated cost is roughly $2 per day for that 4 year time period. You simply can’t beat that!

Vehicle wraps have good longevity, but they can also be easily changed or completely removed without damaging the underlying paint. This is particularly useful if you need to sell the vehicle in the future or change/add new information to the advertisement.

Need another reason to justify the one time expense? In most cases, you will qualify for  a tax deduction for the expense of the advertisement and use of the vehicle for company purposes. There are varying pricing and design options to suit any budget. Not sure you’re ready to wrap your entire vehicle? No problem, we can design a partial wrap to fit your needs and
your budget. So, to answer your number one question, “Can I afford to do a vehicle wrap?”. You can’t afford not to!

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