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3 Steps to Brand Consistency

Nike, Reebok, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, PIP. What do all these names have in common?  That they aren’t names at all. No, I haven’t completely lost it….(yet). These names are brands. When you see a Coca – Cola can, commercial, or grocery store advertisement it isn’t by chance. When you see the “golden arches” on tv, billboards and on a pole high in the sky from a mile away the marketers aren’t just throwing the name around hoping you will see it. They are very strategically building and maintaining their brand one step at a time.

Think about the last time you had a meal at McDonald’s: the burger was wrapped in a paper that had their logo printed over every inch of it, the fry box had the golden arches smack dab in the middle of the box, and it all came in a bag with that same glorious yellow “M”. As you are chowing down on a burger you aren’t concerned whether the restaurant’s logo is present, you are simply enjoying the greasy goodness. The genius of their branding is that your eye remembers that your tummy feels happy when that logo is around. Subconsciously you merge the experience with the logo and associate the two. Had a great burger? Next time you see the golden arches you’ll remember it and crave another!

Let’s take a look at how we have helped one of our customers to create seamless, cohesive, and consistent branding.

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A few ways Park Square Homes ensures brand consistency are:

  1. They make sure to maintain the same color scheme across all marketing media. Whether it be a printed brochure, routed logo wall signage, lifestyle or floor plan signs their bold red hue and clean layout designs are instantly recognizable on each.Park Square Homes’ offers the same greeting to their customers (through signage and printed materials) at each of their various locations. Think about it, whether you are in Florida or China, McDonald’s golden arches logo is still the same design and color scheme.
  2. Your product and brand personality should be consistent across all customer interactions. This includes television ads, newspaper ads, social media channels, physical locations and one on one service. Fonts need to remain consistent. Your tagline, message and company values must be maintained. When you visit Park Square Homes’ website you will see the same design presentation and layout as you see in their signage and printed materials.
  3. Personality. If your brand is colorful and fun, it would seriously throw your audience for a loop if you didn’t carry on that same vibrant personality over to your online marketing. Unless there was a well thought out purpose behind it. Remember that your personality includes all social media, print and televised ads, as well as your customer service.



Even their wall cling vinyl graphic shown below is a perfect match to their existing branding scheme.


We strive to make your business the best it can be. We have numerous examples of ways to give your company its best face forward. Give us a call today and let us help to grow your business!!

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