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All Wrapped Up and Plenty of Places to Go!

We love our new vehicle wrap on our PIP van. We are definitely seen all over town and we want your business to be seen too! Take a look at some of our closeup pictures and let us know what ideas we spark for your own mobile advertising design.

Van passenger side

Check out the great honeycomb texture print. It’s so remarkable! A little fun fact for all you super hero fans out there: the honeycomb design is a bit of a nod to none other than the great Spiderman.

close up

front angle

If you are behind us in traffic, we WILL be noticed!back


We even wrapped our wheel cap. It’s the small details and our attention to them that we pride ourselves on.

wheel cap

We would love to drive home your marketing campaign with lots of details and great design. Call us today to discuss effective solutions for your advertising needs. PIP Printing and Marketing  •  407-847-5565  • #pipsignworks, #pipkissimmee, #vehiclewraps

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