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Design a Better Sign

Let’s set the scene:

You’re in a shopping center with various food options and you’re famished from your “after holiday sale” shopping spree. Your eyes scan the stores for cuisine selection that may catch your eye as your stomach says, “I just need food!” You quickly see three different restaurant signs.

Sign#1 reads “FOOD” – your stomach rejoices; sign #2 says “GOOD FOOD“; and sign #3 says “REAL GOOD FOOD“.

Your stomach tells you that the name of the third sign sounds kinda promising but there’s no indication of what type of cuisine they offer. Is it Italian? Mexican? It could be a delicacy where they only serve live beetles as their main dish, which is cool if you’re into that sort of thing – yum!

The second sign has a picture of a grill indicating that it’s probably a BBQ joint. But you notice the large hole in the sign, the lettering is severely faded, and that the second “O” is missing in “FOOD”. Their BBQ may be “GOOD FO’ D”, whoever he is, but you wonder, “if the restaurant is that lax about their presentation of their business, what quality do they really put into their food?”

While “FOOD” isn’t a very descriptive name, the windows of the restaurant are plastered with images of juicy steaks, chicken, seafood, and salads along with smiling faces of all ages enjoying the food. The use of additional signage tells potential diners that it is a family friendly restaurant and that they have a variety of foods to meet various dietary needs.

Although the third sign sounded “real good” – except to those of you who are grammar police – the first restaurant had signage that collectively better suited the consumer. Now, let’s not overlook the fact that NONE of these signs had an enticing name.

How could sign #1 have given their storefront a more attractive presence?

Choosing a friendly name for the business as well as using additional descriptions such as “Dale’s Family Steakhouse”, or “Bonnie May’s Home Cookin” tells the consumer what style of food to expect and whether or not it is kid/family friendly.

Stay tuned for our follow-up post where we will provide you with great information on making your sign a great first impression of your quality business and service!

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