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Do You Have The Right Stuff?

Finding the right signage for your business is serious business!

There are many variables to consider when choosing sign options and we here at PIP are committed to helping make this an easy process for you. We will look at a few basic options to get your wheels spinning towards finding your business signs.

First and foremost, make sure you know what your budget is for signage. This will enable us to help you determine the quantity of signs and material(s) that will properly coincide with your budget.

1. Decide where the sign(s) will be installed and if it will be a temporary or permanent sign.

  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Direct sunlight
  • Viewable at night
  • Location on property – near road ways, etc.
  • Direction of any traffic

Once you know where the sign(s) will be placed you can then decide on the type of material that will best suit your needs.


2. Material choice is key to this project because some materials are made for indoor or temporary use only and would not stand up against the elements outside – ESPECIALLY here in Florida!

Coroplast – yard signs

  • indoor/outdoor
  • semi-temporary
  • least expensive


  • indoor/outdoor
  • temporary outdoors
  • permanent indoors
  • can roll up for easy storage

Foam Board

  • indoor only

    A-Frame w/ printed graphics on PVC material

  • temporary presentation displays


  • indoor only
  • door plaques


  • indoor/outdoor
  • temporary or semi-permanent

Max Metal

  • great for outdoors
  • business front

    Aluminum real estate sign with wooden post




  • indoor/outdoor
  • real estate signs

Acrylic sign with frosted vinyl graphics


  • indoor only
  • high shine to display quality printing



Call us today and let us help make your business sign dreams come true!

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