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Vehicle wrap frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a vehicle wrap?

Wrap advertising is the marketing practice of completely or partially covering (wrapping) a vehicle in an advertisement or livery; a mobile billboard is the outcome of the process. Wrap advertising can be achieved by painting onto a vehicle’s outer surface, but an increasingly ubiquitous practice in the 21st century involves the use of large vinyl sheets as “decals.” The vinyl sheets can be removed with relative ease, drastically reducing the costs associated with changing advertisements. While vehicles with large, flat surfaces, such as buses and light-rail carriages, are often utilized due to ease, smaller cars consisting of curved surfaces can also serve as hosts for wrap advertising.

Q. How long does a vehicle wrap last?

Vehicle wraps tend to last from one to five years.

Q. What is the vehicle wrap process?

There are three phases. First, is the consulting and design stage, in which we learn the vehicle’s precise measurements and what the vehicle graphic design will display. Next, the vehicle moves into the production stage. The graphic is printed, laminated in order to safeguard the  vinyl wrap from abrasions and discoloration from UV Rays. Lastly, we reach the installation phase when the vehicle wrap is applied.

Q. Will a vehicle wrap ruin my paint job?

Typically, the answer is no. PIP Signworks will thoroughly investigate the vehicle beforehand to see if there may be any problem areas due to rust or paint that is in poor condition. Usually, factory painted cars should not be an issue.

Q. Do I need to wash my vehicle before installation?

Yes. In order to ensure the vinyl adheres to the vehicle, it is vital that all dirt, mud and other agents are removed from its surface.

Q. How do I care for my wrap?

Try to avoid high pressure washes. Hand washing is the optimal choice.

Q. Can you easily remove the window graphics?

Typically, yes the vinyl can be removed quickly. The vinyl adhesive will be harder to remove as time progresses.

Q. Can you see through the vinyl on the windows?

Yes, our window graphics are printed on perforated window film, commonly referred to as “window perf,” which has small holes that allow you to see through your graphic.

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