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Have Fun with Your Business!

After completing a fabulous remodel of our restroom facilities, we decided to take it a step further. Here at PIP we are all about motivating our employees and empowering them to be their best at work and onward. We found a couple of “quotes” and graphics to suit our vivacious staff and proudly installed them in the coordinating restrooms.

Our newest addition to our beYOUtiful ladies room.

Our newest addition to our beYOUtiful ladies room.


Motivating our shop superheroes every day!

We all just love our new bathrooms! We are very pleased with the updated look, however, discovering what these few simple words and graphics have accomplished was such a delight. The ensuing excitement of our staff gathering around as we installed them, seeing their smiles and hearing their enthusiasm as they read the words were far better rewards than the renewed appearance. The wall graphics served to bring our crew together, reinforce unity and create inspiration. Ask PIP today for ideas on how to motivate your team. #wallgraphics #signs #workplacemorale #motivation #teambuilding

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