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How To Make the Ordinary EXTRAordinary!

Helping others is a core value here at PIP. That’s why we were so thrilled to be a part of our recent project aiding our very own community.   As a marketing company, we’re in the business to help businesses succeed. When businesses succeed our community thrives. So when we were approached by the City of Kissimmee for a wrapping assignment in our area we could hardly wait to get moving!


The City wanted to create a way to draw the community into the Kissimmee Medical Arts District while further beautifying the area. We spoke with Belinda Kirkegard who explained  how they decided to cover the traffic and electrical boxes in the area with abstract artwork. These eye catching markers were sure to draw attention to the medical arts logo and website in a fun and creative way.

The City opted for printed digital graphic wraps on the boxes instead of painting them. This allowed for several benefits. If there were any cleaning that needed to be done we could simply wipe off the dirt or debris because our 3m wrap material allows for that. Because of the heat and voltage associated with the electrical boxes, a specific type of acrylic paint would be necessary that would not allow for such easy cleaning. Also, if the artwork happened to be damaged by a storm we could easily repair or replace just the damaged portion and it would mirror the original design.

Abstract was the style of art that was chosen for the project instead of typical pictures of medical gadgets or doctors. Sometimes visuals of medical equipment can make patients feel a bit uneasy so The City felt that fun, whimsical, vibrant shapes and colors would bring lots of cheer into the equation.


Rather than commissioning an artist for the beautification project, they decided to partner with the school system and create a competition throughout the art classes. What better way to get the community involved, create great buzz, and get the students and their families excited about exploring the area they live in?

Art teachers from participating schools encouraged their students to enter work in the competition. The City received approximately 200 entries. Now, the real challenge has begun.

“The most difficult part of the entire project? Choosing a winner!” Belinda recalls how many wonderfully creative pieces of art were entered into the contest. Having to narrow it down to just 6 winners was truly a daunting task in the presence of so much talent! The winning art pieces were placed on display at City Hall.

How delighted these students must have been!


We were eager to know if they have received any feedback about the project. When asked, Belinda beamed and said they have had many comments on how great they look and how pleasant they are to see around town. They even had a former elected official comment on how they enjoyed seeing the students’ artwork displayed so proudly.


Here’s what Belinda had to say. It was “amazing with PIP! Jose did an incredible job and made the process super easy.” She was particularly impressed that when we proposed our final design mockups we made sure to include the various warning labels for each box, whose visibility is imperative. Providing proofs on exactly how the finished boxes would look when completed was crucial in this project as the safety of the community is of utmost importance.

We always strive to please our customers and provide stellar work on each project. We are ecstatic that we met The City’s expectations. Give us the chance to exceed your expectations and call us today.

Nicole Santiago • Marketing Coordinator

PIP Marketing, Print, Signs  •  407.847.5565



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