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Signs That Make You Go “Arghhhh!!!”

The Pirates Dinner Adventure Sign Reface.

Florida is hard on signs, especially west facing ones, and this channel letter sign for Pirates Dinner Adventure did not escape being plundered by the sun and elements!

The Pirates Sign Before Renovation,, note the aged and peeling vinyl.

Through our new YESCO Sign and Lighting Division. We worked with the customer to give their signs new life (I say signs, because there are actually two of them, identical)

We worked with the customer to adapt their new logo look to the sign already in place. New Colors and a new flag, and a cooler looking sword! We removed the channel letter faces and redid the vinyl on all of it. What a difference the new sign made. Remember, when a customer arrives at your business, your sign is the first impression that they get!


(Above)  The AFTER photo of the newly refaced Pirates Dinner Adventure sign!The newly refaced sign stands out a lot more and our customer was thrilled with the results. We also fixed some lighting and electrical issues with the sign, so that all of it stood out at night!

YESCO Orlando South

The YESCO truck and team at work!

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