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Pop-Up Retractable Banner Stands

The event display mainstay!

Most businesses find themselves wanting or needing to show a presence at and event or even highlight a product or service in their own location. The “Pop-Up” or “Retractable” banner stand is the perfect solution!

The Blade-Lite Banner Stand

The Blade-Lite Banner Stand $335.00

We have found that the best solutions is the “Blade Lite” Stand. It is reasonably priced and holds up very well. There are cheaper banner stands, but after complaints of them easily being dented, broken, poles not working…we stopped selling them!

Some of the benefits of this stand are as follows:

1- Durable construction and a 1-year warranty that we handle for you if there are any issues with your stand.

The Blade-Lite Retracted

The Blade-Lite Retracted

2- No “feet” to fold out or have problems with, the attractive stand is solid enough that it doesn’t need them!

3- A durable padded case that helps to protect the stand during transport.

4- Peace of mind that you will be ready for your event!

Call or email for more information:  407-847-5565


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