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Seeing Is Believing!

Surely you have heard ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. But what if a picture was worth a thousand customers?

I was driving through a shopping plaza last week and had no clue what types of businesses it housed. Sure there were signs with business names or “Chinese Food” and “Nails & Spa” above the business doors. However, driving by in my car, which is not a convertible, I couldn’t see the signs overhead nor could I see what products/services were offered through the windows. Until I passed a long line of washing machines.

I never would have noticed the laundromat otherwise. Nor would I have given it a second thought. I have a washer and dryer at home, however, after the washer pictures caught my eye, I noticed the other window graphics explaining they have extra large machines for comforters – something I can actually use!

I can’t tell you much else about the other businesses in the same plaza. The laundromat’s window graphics definitely did their job and I’m sure the ROI has proven so.

You can never go wrong with yummy food pictures!

SHOW your customers what you’re all about!


Window graphics allow people to see what your business is all about. Photos will communicate your product more effectively than just a catchy business name.




What’s great about our window graphic material is that it is perforated so that those inside the store can see outside just as clear as day!

Call PIP today to get those customers rolling in!

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