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Sign Visibility: 5 Simple Rules for Getting Noticed

Signs are critical in our society, in a few moments their job is to get a message to an audience, sometimes at 5 feet, sometimes at 500! If you’ve seen a sign with small text, that you couldn’t even begin to read…someone wasn’t thinking of their audience or how the sign would be viewed.

Here are 5 rules to make sure your sign is effective:

Make sure your letters are the right size for the viewing distance

Make sure your letters are the right size for the viewing distance

1. SIZE: Make sure your text is sized for the distance it is being viewed at, the chart to the left will help you make sure

2. FONT: Use simple, easy to read fonts, if you use a fancy or unusual font, only use it for a single work or statement and try viewing it from several distances to make sure it works. Fonts with no serifs or that are bold work best.

3. COLOR: Make sure your background and text have good contrast, red letters on a black background are NOT a good idea, no matter how cool they look on your computer screen! Don’t use background patterns, they can confuse the reader.

4. SIMPLICITY: Consider how long your audience will be viewing your sign, if they are driving by and viewing a billboard, you can only afford a handful of works, if it is rules for a pool sign, you can do more.

5. GRAPHICS: Don’t overload your audience! Keep graphics simple and easy to understand with the rest of the message, generally, don’t have your text going over busy parts of your graphics.

Signs are a key part of your marketing strategy, make sure that they are effective messengers!

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