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See How We Can Save You Money on Your Car!

On A Marketing Budget? A partial wrap is a great alternative to a full vehicle wrap especially when there are certain constraints. A full wrap may be more costly than your marketing budget allows. Check out this partial wrap we

Have Fun with Your Business!

After completing a fabulous remodel of our restroom facilities, we decided to take it a step further. Here at PIP we are all about motivating our employees and empowering them to be their best at work and onward. We found

Check out our face-lift!

Here at PIP we are making lots of aesthetic changes around the shop including a beautiful rock wall with our logo proudly presented. We also recently changed our outdoor sign into a great, eye-catching display that echos our forward motion

You’re Using Your Vehicle All Wrong!

In our last blog entry we gave you three very important reasons why you should invest in a vehicle wrap.Today we are going to discuss the different types of vehicle graphics and help you to decide which coverage area best fits

Tired of the same old square decals?

The fastest way for a customer to recognize your business is through your logo. Your company logo is the “face” of your business and serves as an immediate reminder to consumers of what products and/or services you offer. When  you

You won’t believe what PIP Turned into a Custom 9’ Inflatable!

I tell my customers to never be afraid to ask or share ideas that they have. AV Homes came to me and asked about getting an inflatable for the front of their Information Center, and if they possibly made them

Custom Yard and Lawn Signs

Whether its for a Garage Sale, Political Campaign, hiring or something else, nothing beats the economical coroplast yard sign.  Today’s technology makes them even more effective as we can make them inexpensively in full color! The real advantage is all

Perpendicular Direct Sign Mount Brackets

Sometimes when you are trying to get someones attention with a sign, it’s not enough to have it just mounted to a wall…you need it to stand out! In hallways or walkways, mounting a sign perpendicular to a wall will

Pop-Up Retractable Banner Stands

The event display mainstay! Most businesses find themselves wanting or needing to show a presence at and event or even highlight a product or service in their own location. The “Pop-Up” or “Retractable” banner stand is the perfect solution! We