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URGENT: City of Kissimmee changes sign code for window graphics!

The City of Kissimmee has recently adopted a new ordinance concerning window signage/lettering. There is no longer a distinction between a temporary or permanent window sign. The city code is now allowing window signage to cover one-third of the total window area. For safety and visibility reasons the signage may only cover the top OR bottom third of the window. (Please see the illustration below as an example.) The windows containing signage must be located on the bottom floor of the the building. No windows above those on the bottom floor may contain any signage. Nor may any windows have any blacked out or mirror tint applied to them. There are no longer any permits required by the city to install or change any window signage as long as it fully cooperates with all of the requirements listed herein.


The window area is considered as the area bounded by a window frame, and not any individual window panels that may exist (refer to the illustration below) .

window AREA

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