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Wanna Hang Out?

Signs are meant to be seen, eye-catching, and reflect your business’ personality.

How you display your signs contributes a lot to how customers view your business and how well they can actually view your signs. Placing a sign in a position where your customers can see it seems a bit obvious, but you would be surprised at how many signs are installed too far away to be clearly read, too high for drivers see when passing by or simply at the wrong angle.

Similarly, sticking a sign up with double sided tape may suffice for some signage needs, but using standoff mounts can help give your sign more appeal and added value to the perception of your company. Acrylic, PVC, and Max Metal signs can be adhered directly to the wall surface. However, these standoffs are a very modern and classy addition to signs and can be layered for a great 3-D effect.

Have you seen very many real estate “for sale” signs made of paper, written with marker, and hung on the door of a home with scotch tape? If so, I seriously hope you didn’t invest much on this real estate company. Your signage should reflect your business ideals, reputation, and class.

Real estate signage should consist of reusable, weather resistant, sturdy metal framing or wooden/PVC posts which can look more elegant and may be required over metal framing dependent upon HOA regulations.


On the other hand, a Little League Baseball sponsor banner at the local ball park won’t need to be terribly fancy seeing as how the dirt around the diamond will be kicked up and the banner is probably a temporary installment. We do recommend grommets along the edges of the banners to hang from or affix to surfaces. Grommets can also be used in various other signage materials to provide a ridged, secure hole to hang you signs.

Knowing your business and target demographics is key in choosing the proper signage and accessories.

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