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Window Perf – Turn Those Windows Into Sales!

Retail business competitive and with the internet, even more so! If you have a “brick and mortar” location, you want to stand out as much as possible! Window displays are a great way to get your buyers attention and entice them into your business!

Perforated Window Graphics, Awesome!

Perforated Window Graphics, Awesome!

One of the greatest things about window graphics is, unlike other types of exterior signage, you don’t generally have to get any kind of zoning permit!

Most window displays today are done with film that is “perforated” to allow you to see out. The adhesive side is actually black which allows those inside the window to see out, but not the other way around!

Some businesses will change their window displays seasonally or to display sales and specials. One more way to add a “touch” that will help bring in that customer…and more importantly, that sale!

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